Why I’m down on Reggie Bush this year

I’ve been reading twitter updates from various Saints players these days.  It’s really unfortunate, because it’s a terrible reminder that these guys are mostly idiots.  From Drew Brees saying that Guantanamo isn’t all that bad to Pierre Thomas’ ridiculous motivational links to Shockey’s “givin a shoutout to God”, these guys are not rocket scientists.  I knew that, but it’s nicer when you don’t have proof.  Malcolm Jenkins showed a flash of humor as he was holding out: as other players complained about two-a-days, his posts would read: “Watching TV”, “taking a nap”, “relaxing.”

Then Reggie Bush, who had these gems:

reggie_bush: Man why is it that Chipotle and Taco Bell seem to go right thru you literally 15-20 minutes after eating it! But it keeps you coming back!
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/reggie_bush/status/3409168884

reggie_bush: Just had some Chipotle and it feel like an Alien inside my stomach! Lol! Shheeesh!!!!!
Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/reggie_bush/status/3409188390

I accept that football players are idiots.  I just can’t believe they would eat at Taco bell.

Also, I realize I just wrote about twitter.   I apologize.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m down on Reggie Bush this year”

  1. I’ve followed a few NBA players, but never even thought of following a football player. Apparently, Bush doesn’t have enough cash to have an assistant post for him?

  2. they are all idiots. very athletic idiots. as opposed to us. unathletic idiots.

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