How To Live

I have decided to start publishing a how-to manual on life, based on the lessons I have learned.

Lesson 1: Keeping Cold Water Handy

It’s advisable to have two water pitchers in the fridge at all times. That way you have a better chance of not running out of cold water. If you plan it right, you should be able to run out of the first one, then refill it. Then you start using the second pitcher. By the time the second one is empty, the first one will be cold again. Enjoy!

Also, it is always best to refill both pitchers before you go to bed, just in case. BUT, it is important that you make sure you fill up a nice big glass of cold water (and one for your significant other, if applicable) before doing so. Otherwise you end up getting a half-cold glass of water.

9 thoughts on “How To Live”

  1. There is a story behind that posting. Thank you so much for the beautiful card. I love you both very much!

  2. Way too much on personal water use behaviors. Drink it. Get rid of it. Repeat as needed.

  3. Can others provide suggestions for your manual, or are you on a journey of personal discovery?

  4. Is this a blow against me? I mean you are such a freak about when to fill up these damn water pitchers, maybe you should worry more about filling them up then instead of complaining about it. You are insane. I thought you were becoming “edgier”? Edgy people don’t care about this stuff, old people do.

  5. Couple of things:

    Jack – of course you are welcome to add to my manual. I’m sure you could write a much more complete manual than I. However this water startegy is not to be dismissed. It is gold.

    iwillbeatyourass – I love you. This is not a complaint. And it is really edgy. Just wait until I am done. It will edge your ass off.

  6. I agree. Your water rationale is beyond reproach.
    When you purchase glassware, cups, bowls, ensure that the bottoms are flat/smooth, or have a leakage`path. Because the dishwasher has a tendency to put a bit of water inside anything with an edge, so when you pick it up, it drips water on everything else

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