Aug 022007

Finally, Rebecca Havemeyer’s long awaited website is up and running. Kent, thank you so much for hosting the site and putting up with the phone calls, confusion and mass hysteria.

Everyone check it out at:

I also recently updated my site. Check it out at


  8 Responses to “Rebecca Site”

  1. Looks great!

  2. It’s really badass. Nice job everyone.

  3. Wow


    Also, didn’t the donkeys mind the guy in the Y fronts wiggling about?

    That’s a lot of work there, and it made me laugh. Especially the advice page. Good stuff!

  4. Dr. Soileau is fantastic!

  5. Yes, Rebecca’s site very very cool. I drunk posted some myspace bulletins about it, chock full of misinformation. I spelled Iva’s name completely wrong, not even close to right. I told everyone to check me out as the voice of kitty kitty, which isn’t even on the website. Am I too stupid for the internet?

  6. Jimmy V, if Paul can have a website then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

  7. Bravo, Rebecca! A peek into the deranged mind of a 80+ year old woman. I loved the donkey clip and the movie reinactments. It was so funny!

  8. Got to love the website….I really enjoyed the cat surgery. I love you, Paul