Nov 072005

10. Disposable Razers: The result is worth the effort
9. Peach Candles: Makes room smell pretty
8. Apricot Body Wash: Makes me smell pretty (Does attract bugs, though)
7. Not making your bed: Is it really necessary?
6. Toad the Wet Sprocket: Haven’t survived the test of time as much as they should have
5. Billards: Strategy and skill mixed perfectly
4. Old, dirty, favorite hats: Very cool
3. Sweat pants: Nothing more comfortable
2. The Oklahoma Sooners: Three losses have come to No. 18 TCU, No. 12 UCLA and No. 2 Texas
1. Paper Plates: Not that trashy, very conveniet

Oct 272005

I was running late this morning and in a crabby mood because I had nothing to wear.

As I set out walking to work, I hit the Shuffle Songs button on the iPod. The first song that came on was Nelly’s Ride Wit Me, which I promptly skipped. The first song off William Shatner’s newest album Has Been was next. And it immediately brightened my day.

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Oct 182005

Catching all but one green light on your walk home brings you home feeling exercised and in a good mood.

Oct 182005

There’s a new feature on EBE, based on our dry erase board when Dave first came up to Atlanta. Leslie and Dave have been slacking in the posting department, so I’m hoping this will encourage them to get back on track.

We’ve got three new categories, which work kind of like a recomendation/rating/review system.

The original categories on the dry erase board were:

I have added:

It’s all pretty self-explanatory.

Oct 182005

To the best of my knowledge, this is most of the original underrated list. I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot.

1. (I can’t remember with #1 was)
2. Velveeta
3. Scratching bug bites until they bleed
4. something about waking up because of a charley horse