At the greatest game the Saints have ever played, my mom, Dave, and I had the best seats in the Superdome: the very last row.  Like everyone else up in that last row, we beat the hell out of the wall behind us, so much that my hand was sore and swollen for days.

Today I read this, from the New Orleans blog Library Chronicles:

Over my many years of watching and attending Saints games, I’ve been accustomed to seeing or hearing fans in the top row of each section bang on the metal walls in order to create noise when the opposing team has the ball. When we purchased our season tickets in 2006, we selected seats in the top row so that we could participate in this time-honored bit of idiocy which has been in practice basically since the Superdome opened in 1975. During the second quarter of a crucial Monday Night game in 2008, Superdome security decided that it was time to crack down.

A few minutes into the second quarter, for no apparent reason, a uniformed security person shouted at everyone in our section that the next fan seen banging on the wall would be thrown out of the stadium. We were mystified. Is this some bizarre interpretation of the NFL’s notorious new “Fan Code of Conduct”? The section adjacent to ours is typically filled with fans of the visiting team. Did one of the Vikings fans complain? If so, why? And also fuck them. Over the past three seasons, the Superdome has become an ever-more fan-unfriendly environment. What can be done to reverse this trend?

Seriously?  That is just terrible.  Why on earth would the Superdome security shut down such a great, fun, masochistic homefield advantage?

Also, like me, Library Chronicles, is a strong supporter of the Saints’ correct gold pants.


He looks like someone here, but I can’t place it.  Ralphie after he shoots his eye out maybe?


Jeremy Shockey! is a Saint.  It hurts, but this should be a huge help for the Saints on offense.  Marques Colston will improve with another legitmate passing option for Brees, and the running game will also benefit.  I hope.

Or he could be a complete turd.  Check that.  I’m sure he will be a turd.  I just hope he’s not a cancer.

I do promise that I will throw up a little when I see the fleur de lis over that hideous ‘MERIKA ROOLZ tattoo.

The Saints draft

I know the elbuzzard faithful expected a draft post on Monday morning. For that I apologize. I’m much better at free agent signings than drafts. With the exception of our last pick, we only took guys who wore red in college. Excellent draft strategy.


We traded up to get Sedrick Ellis, a DT from USC. Apparently, he’s real good. Like all college players, I don’t know a lot about him other than what Mel Kiper says on TV. He’s a defensive player. A run-stopper. I like that. If he pans out, and we can get consistent pressure on the QB, our secondary will look a lot better than it did last year, even if Chasin’ David is still starting. Also our Dline coach Ed Orgeron was his coach at USC. So we should know what we are getting. In theory.

What I really like about our draft is our sixth-round pick. Taylor Mehlhaff. A GODDAMN kicker. He was the first kicker taken in the draft, and was the highest ranked by most everyone. Who cares, right? Who cares about the kicker? Why waste a draft pick?  Just sign a free agent, right?

That’s been working out great for us, hasn’t it?  No more Mare (well, he’s already been cut), no more Cundiff, no more Marteen Gramatica, no more whoever we have kicking for us now. No more having a kickoff guy and a field goal guy. Just one guy who does both. I really hope this guy can do both, the criticism I’ve read in some places is that he’s a better kickoff specialist than field goal kicker. I’m just glad to see us addressing a position that caused us no end of grief last year.

Assuming, of course, the kid can kick.

Deuce will return

Everyone’s favorite Saint has restructured his contract to remain with the team for at least one more season.


I hope he can make it. I love the guy, but he’s had so many ACL tears. When he went out last season (again), I figured that was the last we would see of him on the field.

If there’s one thing that I love about being a Saints fan, it’s the DOOOCE cheer.

Also, are Nissans any good? If I was in the market for a car, I don’t know how I could resist not visiting Deuce Nissan

In other news, I simply CANNOT WAIT to get to New Orleans this weekend for Amber’s wedding. I haven’t been on a steamboat in forever. Maybe when my Aunt Tunia was in town many many years ago? I don’t know. I’m excited. I can’t wait to see everyone. Amber, I hope you invited Deuce.