Rebecca’s doing the AIDS walk in Austin…

…and she needs your dough. I’m trying to raise $1000 by Sunday for the Austin AIDS walk, and I could use your help buzzards. Amber has made a generous donation already, and if any of you can spare anything, I would much appreciate it. We’re already at $850! The walk is this Sunday, and I’m leading the stretches and marching with Team Rebecca. If you can spare, please do…it’s to keep AIDS Services of Austin fully operational to those afflicted with this crummy disease. Go Buzzards!

Here’s the link:
Rebecca Havemeyer AIDS Walk

Havemeyer Hogs Stage!

Yes my wonderful lil’ Buzzards…it was a wild and wompin’ kinda night. The show…sold out, the temperature…a boiling 100 degrees in Austin’s outdoor stage at Stubb’s (just about), the gown…absolutely stunnin’!!! The show was a success, and Mr. Wainwright was very nice to Rebecca…if not a bit cut and dry. There was no backstage mayhem, no love ‘between the legs’, oh no. Rebecca simply got up on the stage, was introduced by Mr. Wainwright, double cheek kisses, and then…BLAMO!…a disgraceful yet elegant and exuberant display of 120% Rebecca in all her shining glory. The crowd went hog wild, and I had the time of my life. It was wonderful, handed out about 100 business cards, made lots of new friends. Brent filmed it , kinda, and it will be on youtube hopefully tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you Oprah angels!….oh thank you so!


Havemeyer Hits Big Time!

Rebecca HavemeyerHello Buzzards! Just found out that tomorrow night, here in Austin, your ol’ Rebecca Havemeyer is gonna appear onstage with the one and only Rufus Wainwright! Yeee-Haaaw! Rebecca entered a contest in which Mr. Wainwright chooses one person from each city of his tour to get up on stage and perform a spoken word section of his song ‘Between My Legs’ (how fitting). Rebecca submitted her video on Youtube’s audition page (keyword ‘Rebecca Loves Bologna‘ to see it), and holy christ on a cross, Rufus chose the old ho! Niko Case is opening the show, and it’s at Stubb’s BBQ outdoor stage. See Buzzards…dreams do come true if you pimp your hoochy butt out enough. La!

A Very Good Show…

Just wanted to let the elbuzzard crew know that the show was a hit and all is super swell. My dad, I mean Rebecca’s dad, drove down from the homestead, got to meet Chloe’s parents, and see his son dance around to Christmas tunes in drag! God bless ALL the little children. Missing you all this Christmas, and wishing we could have a good nightcap and a fire together. big ol’ kisses