Top 10 Overrated Things

10. Art
9. Darts
8. That guy who says he doesn’t like a band, then calls them his favorite after it hits it big.
7. Religion
6. That guy who really likes a band but later pretends not to like them once it becomes popular.
5. New York City
4. TORI FREAKIN’ AMOS, except for Cornflake girl ( Help: Living with gay man.)
3. Cafe Du Monde
2. baseball

Rating the World

There’s a new feature on EBE, based on our dry erase board when Dave first came up to Atlanta. Leslie and Dave have been slacking in the posting department, so I’m hoping this will encourage them to get back on track.

We’ve got three new categories, which work kind of like a recomendation/rating/review system.

The original categories on the dry erase board were:

I have added:

It’s all pretty self-explanatory.