On the Weather Channel

Vapid News Anchor: Jim, what advice can you give those folks who may not have evacuated yet?

Jim Cantore: Well, they should get down on their knees and say, “Lord, I need you help me and save me and my family, because I did not do the right thing by leaving when I should have.”


On another note, I was watching the “StreetcarCam” at nola.com. There were three cars parked on the neutral ground on Napoleon.

I’m sure that extra six inches of height will save your car.

New Orleans

There is a house in New Orleans, not the house you’ve heard about, I’m talking about another house.

A lot of houses, actually. A lot that won’t be there.

Infrared view, 1:40pm edt

What we’ve joked about for years looks like its finally going to happen. We’ve all known that the Crescent City has been due for a long time. We’ve taken pride in it, we’ve laughed at the possibility. That’s the New Orleans attitude.

Now, here in Atlanta, I feel completely helpless. All of my people have gotten out (at least as far as Baton Rouge so far, even if it took them 8 hours). On one hand I wish I was there with them, on the other, I’m glad I’m here.

Good luck and be safe everyone.

Saints want to resume negotiations with Louisiana??

ESPN.com – NFL – Saints want to resume negotiations with Louisiana
New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson wants to resume negotiations with the state, possibly by the end of the summer, on a deal to keep the team in Louisiana.

What the heck? This is making me nuts. Can someone back home fill me in on how the fans are handling this? It seems like a rollercoaster.

In other news, I will cheer when Aaron Brooks takes the bench and Gamblin’ Adrien McPherson comes on the field tonight.