2008 JazzFest 2008x Better than 2007

 Enough politics, let’s move on to something really important: The 2008 JazzFest lineup is so much better than last year.

Some notable non-New Orleans acts:

  • Stevie Wonder
  • Billy Joel
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Santana
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Al Green
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Robert Plant & Allision Kraus
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Randy Newman
  • Stevie Wonder
  • John Prine
  • Richard Thompson
  • Bobby McFerrin!
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Bela Fleck
  • Stevie Wonder

Dave, I’m sorry that there’s no Dave Matthews Band for you.  Instead, you get: The Raconteurs

Widespread Panic is also on the lineup, I’ll be far far away on that day.

Leslie, Papa Grows Funk will be there as well.

And Stevie Wonder.

elbuzzard.com’s Best Albums of 2007

That’s right, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Kent and Brent’s Best Albums of 2007 List! Don’t everyone get up at once. Look, we both know that we are the only ones who care. Indulge us.

We agree on the best album of the year, which I believe is a first. Kent fought the desire to move his number one down after reading Brent’s so that this horrible agreement wouldn’t happen.

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Hell Sounds Like Pantera


I was working out the other day, and listening to Tom Waits. I started thinking how great it would be if the devil’s voice sounded like Tom Waits when you went to hell. (I’m not a big believer in hell, but I really think you are selling yourself short by ruling that place out.) Anywho, then I got to thinking about what the music in hell would be. My first thought waas that it would be some horrible cacophony, but then I realized that it would probably be a more personal experience. Which means it would probably be some music that I really hate. So I took a quick survey of the music I hate the most, and decided it would probably be some sort of death metal. Something like Pantera (And I don’t know anything about that music, so if Pantera is technically not death metal, I apologize.) So I think this sucks. Because I bet Pantera hopes their music gets played in hell. And I’m making that happen. Here, I would like to wipe that music off the face of the earth, and instead I am assuring it will go on until the end of time. Unless a) I don’t wind up in hell b) I am wrong about hell’s music or c) they don’t actually play music in hell. Now that I think about it, they probably don’t. And also, I think there is a chance Christian Rock would beat out death metal for my hell music. How ironic would that be? Michael W. Smith adding to my damnation. Hell seems like a bad place. They do specials about it on The History Channel all the time. It really looks lousy down there. It’s making me re-evaluate my beliefs. I have given myself 3 months to sort out my belief in hell. Then I’m going to do something about it. I don’t really care about Heaven. I’m sure it will be dissappointing like everything else that’s supposed to be great. One time Chelsey and Chuck and I went to Chicago. We looked forward to it for months in advance. It turned out to be a nightmare. That’s what heaven will be like for someone like me. Everyone will be happy, and I’ll be looking around and wondering why it’s not as good as I thought it was going to be. Getting back to the point. I have 3 months to decide about hell. Please feel free to forward me any information on the subject. However I will mostly be searching me heart and mind. I hope to have an answer by some time after the holidays.

Kent Wins Mix CD Competition!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the elbuzzard.com….in a spectacle worthy of a sports article by the Great David P…Mr. Kent, the Buzzard himself, pulls his nubile form into the pink glow of fame and golden destinies!

In a radical attempt to capture the magical, horrific, and often times perverse realm of Paul Soileau’s mind, our brave soldiers, Kent and Brent, took on the task of immortalizing a psychological brainwave for the year 2007! After being briefed one evening on the many influences in Mr. Soileau’s life….which, in a nutshell, could be described in the phrase…”Like a Broadway Sex Hammer”…(or something in that vein), our two boys took it upon themselves to delve into their uncanny world of music and hymns to create the ultimate mix CD’s.

After both contestants completed said CD’s, even choosing 3 of the same artists!, it was time to pick the winner. Kent’s CD was described as:

” An electro-molasses of perversion and ache as this mix
began with a digital tone of smut. Dangerously supplied with songs of
past and present, this mix warbled on the curvy mule path of the Grand
Canyon, with a french influence that made the trek quite imaginary. A
risk of never reaching a grand height or a sullen dump made this mix a
middle thumper to boot. “

While BK’s Album received this review:

“Upbeat start to a mix with beaucoup choral activity
throughout disc, tempered with melancholy mud pits boiling
with electro beats from gay archives. An colossal collection composed
of sounds that were often a bit to polished and clean, especially in
the vocal department. Energetic songs of happiness made for enormous

Alas…Mr. Buzzard pulled ahead and took the greasy cup. A big hand to our two jetsetters of the music world. We hope that next year will be a monumental event full of richness, color, bravery, and gay young lads!



Music: Best of the First Half

A recurring feature on elbuzzard that no one appreciates are Brent and Kent’s biannual music reviews. It’s time for the best of the first half of 2007! This year, we made a concerted effort in the month of June to listen to every album that we had released this year. There was a lot of crap. Tons, in fact. We suffered through it, all for you.

Stuff we agree on.

Back to BlackAmy Winehouse – Back to Black

Kent: It was hard for me to decide which album between Amy Winehouse and Menomena as my favorite so far of 2007. I listened to Menomena so much more, but Winehouse is way more accessible, and fits into more situations. The production values on this record are what makes it so worthwhile, it’s beautifully recorded for a modern pop R&B album. Winehouse can really belt it out, too, and isn’t exactly what you would call shy with her lyrics either.

Brent: I have my darling wife to thank for getting this CD. I would encourage anyone I know to buy it. I would not encourage everyone to get the Menomena CD.

Neon BibleArcade Fire – Neon Bible

Brent: Arcade Fire is great. I think bombastic is their strength. They seem to feel they have to balance it out with slower stuff. I do not agree.

Kent: I wasn’t blown away at first by this one, it seemed somehow less than Funeral. Eventually, I came to terms that they weren’t going to do the “Big Finish” thing that I loved on their first album and started to enjoy it more. Plus, they put on one of the best live shows I’ve seen.

We Were Dead…Modest Mouse – We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

Brent: 2007 has been a sorry year for music so far. Lots of CD’s that have like 6 good songs, and nothing that is quality through and through. That said, this one, Arcade Fire, and Amy Winehouse come pretty darn close. Here’s my issue with James Mercer being on the album: It’s not bad…but I’d much rather have Isaac Brock singing those lines. If I were him, I wouldn’t let anyone sing with me except maybe Joanna Newsome or Tom Waits. So you cut out the songs that the Shins guy ruins, and you have a very solid album.

Kent: BK likes this album up until the guy from the Shins makes an appearance. I think the album is ok until the guy from the Shins makes an appearance and then it gets really good.

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This Friday: Bullets and Octane Do Atlanta


These guys are some friends of mine, I’ve mentioned them before, but I think it was in that new music debate that got erased. They’re playing this friday in Atlanta, at some place called Center Stage. You guys should check them out. The singer, Gene(background, pouring beer into girls mouth), used to play drums for my band in highschool, called The Unappreciated Teenage Superheroes. The bass player, Brent (foreground, making a fist) was in another band we played around with, called This Side. The guy who will be selling merchandise, Jason a.k.a. Spark One Duh? (not pictured) is also a friend. He still lives in STL, and hosts a Hip Hop night every Thursday. He always calls me out, and makes me freestlye when I’m there.

If I’ve got the story straight, Bullets and Octane just walked out on their contract with RCA because they didn’t get some kind of recording bonus they were being enticed with by the label, for making their second RCA album. So they took the album, and they’re hoping to sell 40 copies a night at something like $5 a pop, to show RCA they could make more money on their own.

So go, and support! If you tell Jason or Gene that you’ve always been a fan of The Unappreciated Teenage Superheroes, they’ll probably let you bang groupies (see photo) with them. Jason says, when they’re on tour, even the merch-man has groupies. Also, they like to drink a lot, and travel with their own beer supply. I don’t know what their arrangements are, but they may even appreciate a place to crash.

They’re really big in the UK. Greg’s probably seen them before. He probably even has an autographed copy of the issue of Black Velvet they graced the cover of. See How their name is way bigger than Jon Bon Jovi’s? That’s how big they are.

Hear their music on Myspace

The National

Last night, I checked out The National‘s show at the Earl in East Atlanta. It was a really good show. If they are touring in your area, and you like indie rock, check them out. The Earl was the most crowded that I have ever seen it.

It’s too bad that Dave won’t go to shows with me anymore after the Menomena show (aka Dave’s Last Straw, or That Time That elbuzzard Died). He would have really enjoyed it. Their energy was on par with The Hold Steady’s live act, but with less spitting and shaking.

In other music news, BK and I have been methodically reviewing the new music of 2007, and are working on a Best of the First Half of 2007 post. Look for it towards the end of the month. Be ready to ignore it and to continue to listen to the greatest hits of the nineties.