Jul 062009

I say I should get a $60 P.O.S.  from Wal-Mart. Leslie says I should get one that “won’t collapse when you ride it.”

Who is right?

May 312009

I hope you are a having a great day, Gemini #4.  I’m sorry I won’t be there all day today, but I’ll see you this afternoon!

Think about where you want to go for a birthday dinner!

I  love you, Mom.

Apr 142009

Once again, we are reminded of the strange fact that Chelsey agreed to marry Brent

Read more to check out the video, which I can’t get to stop playing automatically.

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Apr 132009


I would just like it noted that Chelsey made a very tasty ham yesterday. First time. She is a natural. Her ham instincts are the stuff of legend.

Mar 242009

I’m looking for love songs that don’t have a hint of despair in them. No girlfriend in a coma, no one for my baby and one for the road. Just happy love songs.

I will start you off with:
1. Jersey Girl by Tom Waits (not Bruce Springsteen’s version)

Difficulty: no google searches on ‘happy love songs’ or the like.

Mar 242009

For those of you keeping track, I am eating a whole new breakfast these days. I went from a banana to a bowl of cereal. Now I am throwing a grapefruit into the mix. Grapefruits are every hard to eat. I don’t know how long the second part will last, but I am officially entrenched in the cereal-for-breakfast ranks. Before about a month ago, I had not had a bowl of cereal in about 15 years. So you could say I’m going through some big changes. How am I doing it? I’m taking it day by day. That’s how. My only issue is how bad the milk container smells at the end of the day.