First place

So after many weeks, our team finally took first placeat trivia night at the Prince of Wales. It wasn’t that big of a feat as there were only 6 teams playing, but we did dominate the few who were playing.

Our total winnings in house cash on the season stands at $150. The plan is to win first place (a $50 prize) twice and then spend a Saturday afternoon drinking our winnings in the form of shots with fruity/sexy/witty/lame names out on the patio of the bar. I imagine we will get greedy and thirsty and want to wait for three or four first place finishes, especially if the past two weeks are an indication of our luck.

It makes me sad

I had a nice hour and a half long conversation with Koster last night at 4am. It was a great time. We talked about terrible things we’ve done, Peter, our dads, living in New Orleans, living away from New Orleans, love, marriage, girls, debts, taxes, you name it. I so miss having him accessible.

Unfortunately, he also told me that he is not coming to Atlanta in June for Music Midtown. He’s going to Chicago, where the music festival is $10 a day (Music Midtown is $75 for 3 days). A quick search on the internet didn’t reveal anything more about this mysterious Chicago festival. Taste of Chicago is free, so that’s not it.

Anyway, this is the third person who has balked at the steep ticket prices, or at least at the “one ticket for all three days” policy for Music Midtown. I will be curious to see if the attendance is up or down from last year, where apparently you bought a separate ticket for each day, allowing a little more flexibility for out-of-towners and in-town folks who might have jobs.

Weekend update

Beth came to town this weekend, so we actually went out for once. First was Dante’s Down the Hatch, a fondue jazz restaurant in a pirate ship. It’s true. Everything in the place was researched for three years by Dante himself. Best knickknack: photo of Billy Dee Williams in the pirate ship with white women hanging all over him.

Next up was Stone Mountain Park, the Confederate Mount Rushmore. Ah, what a celebration of Kennesaw claws, mullets, and rebel flags. Plus, it seemed like every fountain and curiosity would spit on passersby at random. Now that’s funny! Eek.