Train kept a-rollin’

In keeping with the current trend of how things are going in my life, I was almost hit by a car this morning.  I know some of you have walked around with me, and know that I have a thing about enforcing the sanctity of crosswalks, but in this case, I was on sidewalk, and some lady turned into the driveway behind the Biltmore without looking.

Starting your day off by shouting a string of obscenities at the back of a car is not part of a balanced breakfast.

On behalf of pedestrians everywhere, if you are driving today, don’t be an asshole.

All that hate\'s gonna eat you up inside

It’s Art Dammit!

Leslie, John, Ileana, and I recently helped some friends make a film for Atlanta’s 50 Hour Film Fest.

Here’s the link: A Midtown Mile.  Supposedly there is some kind of online voting, but I don’t think it there really is, it’s jsut a rating sytem type thing.  It’s already been decided that we won’t make the cutoff to get shown on the big screen at the Atlanta Film Fest.

The best film is called “Wake Up Call.”  You tell me if it’s intentional or not.  I say it doesn’t matter.

If you are feeling good, make sure you watch “Rosa,” to immediately rid yourself of that feeling.

Here’s what I learned about film festivals, in particular these gonzo 50 or 48 hour film fests:

  1. The winners are already decided before the festival.  The screening was so full of inside jokes it was sickening.
  2. Some people take these things real seriously.
  3. It’s really hard to sustain an idea in a short film, even for 4 minutes.
  4. There’s a lot of bad art out there.

All is fine

Leslie and I are fine here in Atlanta.  The tornado(s) hit downtown, about a mile from us, and in Cabbagetown, my favorite Atlanta neighborhood, about 3 miles from us.  But we’re fine here in Midtown.

Brian and I are going to drive around a little later, I’ll try and get some pictures.

Let the Joey Harrington Era Begin

Yesterday, Michael Vick was indicted on dog-fighting charges. Way to go, Ron Mexico! You pissed away your ten-year contract! You decided that your natural athletic gifts weren’t worth it alone, you needed to maim, injure, and abuse dogs!

What this means for the Falcons is that the best worst quarterback in the league now has a legitimate shot at starting for an NFL team again.



Until they sign Dante Culpepper, that is. It will be Miami, take two. With fewer wins.

Poor Joe Horn.

Happy Birthday, Amerika!

Headed home from a party off of Piedmont Park, we were witness to an impressive fire in an apartment building last night.

As we were leaving, and walking to our car, one of our friends came running up and told us that the building we had parked in front of was on fire. John and Leslie managed to make it past the building to the car before the flames really started, but Ileana and I were lagging behind. It was hard to tell which building was on fire, since we didn’t hear the original story.

As we headed up the street, pretty much unaware of how serious the fire was, the fire trucks pulled up, and the next thing we knew, flames were shooting out over our heads from the second story window above us. It was incredibly hot. We were driven back, but John and Leslie were able to get to the car and move it before anything happened.

Here’s some pictures I took with my cellphone. They are bad, but you get the idea.


The flames really felt like the came out of nowhere. One second there was a little smoke, the next second, a huge fireball spitting out the window. I believe everyone got out of the building ok.
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Pride Weekend

From my walk to work this morning:


Atlanta Pride is this weekend in our neighborhood.  It’s one of the most fun times Atlanta has to offer.  The Buffalo kids always throw a big party, usually involving hot dogs and a megaphone.

And after looking at that link, Debbie Gibson sure has come a long way….  I hope she’s in the parade.

PETA Loves Ducks

Special note to non-football fans: the NFL draft is this weekend, thus beginning football season. Suck it up.

I hereby declare that I will no longer defend Michael Vick aka Ron Mexico. In the past, I’ve said that I think the Falcons QB is an alright guy, especially when compared to his leg-stomping pedophile brother Marcus. I just thought he was dumb, and that’s not a crime.

Vick Finger

Now, property he owns is being investigated for drugs and dog fighting. Yes, dog fighting. Way to go Mike. Continue reading PETA Loves Ducks

Even better than my dreams

Joey HThe Atlanta Falcons signed my favorite quarterback that doesn’t play for the Saints Joey Harrington to a two year deal.

This means Joey will be living in Atlanta. Joey, you will always be welcome at my house. We will drink cheap bear and call Terry Bradshaw mean names. Then we’ll laugh at Dave as he tries to throw a football 35 yards while sitting down.

I may have to go to a Falcons preseason game so I can wear my Joey Harrington Lions jersey.

It’s a Fire

So last night, we’re sitting on the couch watching TV. The doorbell starts ringing like crazy. I get up in my PJs to check it out. Our next door neighbor Kevin is out in front unraveling his hose. “Your sign is on fire,” he says.

Sure enough, it was. Not a big fire, just the corner. But a smelly, stinky plastic fire. I turn on our hose and put out the fire. Good thing Kevin walked out when he did, the whole thing might have gone up.

It’s weird though. Why the heck would someone do that? My guess is someone stupid was walking by and just got the itch to set it on fire. The sign was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the right place at the right time, depending on your point of view.

I don’t think they were actually trying to burn it to the ground, or they would have started the fire on the bottom of sign, and let the fire rise up. Instead they started it at the top:

Weird. Weird. Weird.

There’s that conspiracy part of me that wants to think that there is someone out there who hates us and wants to send us a message or something, but I really just think this is just part of living in the city.

More pictures inside.

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