Aug 262009

We finally worked out the contract on the house, and it went binding on Saturday.

Nothing is ever final until the closing (which is September 14), but now we are locked in to a contract with buyers, and they can’t back out without losing their earnest money.  All that is left to do that could gum things up is the appraisal, but no one thinks that will be a problem.


After 9 months of trying to sell this house, it’s almost over.

May 202009

So New Orleans will host the 2013 Super Bowl.  That’s great news, since it means that the Saints and the state reached an agreement to keep the team in New Orleans until 2025.

The last time I was in New Orleans during the Super Bowl was in 1997.  Jamie and I marched up and down Bourbon Street chanting “DITKA AND SAINTS IN NINETY-EIGHT.”   I’m pretty sure that Jamie, a Rams fan, was laughing at the Saints, but I believed.  What a fool I was.

Even better, this Super Bowl will fall on Bacchus weekend.


Let’s hope they redesign that logo.  I like the idea, but the execution is awful.  “A Perfect Ten”?  Yes, I know it’s the city’s 10th SuperBowl.  It’s still dumb.  The street sign looks like a license plate.

Mar 232009

My life is a total mess right now.

I have a job that I really enjoy, in the city that I love.

Unfortunately, my wife lives and work in a different city, one that is about 500 miles away. I also own a house that will not sell in said faraway city. This makes my nice job and lovely city irrelevant.

I feel like I should be enjoying getting what I have always wanted. Instead I am wondering if the price is too high.

This post is dedicated to Amber, who expects a lot from people.

Feb 062009

Well, last day here at Georgia Tech. I start at the Collection on Feb 16th.

It’s a good feeling, but I am also sad to say goodbye to my friends here.

That’s not going to stop me from going around to everyone today and saying “So long, suckers!”

Jan 052009

I turned in my letter of resignation today at my job.  It made me sad.

But now it is official.  My last day is February 6 at Georgia Tech, and my first day is February 16 at the Historic New Orleans Collection.  Tell your friends and neighbors.

Leslie and I are moving to New Orleans!

Jun 232008

Regular elbuzzard reader Catherine got married over the weekend to a real nice guy named Marc (yes, with a C).

The reception was a blast.  The ham was delicious, and Leslie was thrilled that there was antipasto with olives and such, claiming that “Catherine knows what you need to throw a wedding.”

We forgot to ask if they were going on a homeymoon.

I hope you two are very happy for the rest of your lives.

Jun 202008

So apparently the car that parks on our new street has a bumper sticker that reads “NFL Alumni.”  Leslie and Beth noticed it last night.

Who could it be?  I really hope it’s Joey Harrington.

How awkward would that be if I was mowing the lawn in my Harrington Lions jersey he walked out?  Since he’s not exactly an “alumni” just yet, I think it’s a pretty slim possibility.

It’s probably some bum ex-Falcons player from the 1980s.