CHRISTEENE finds a home?..kinda

Hey all you stanky pankys. South By Southwest is happening here in Austin, and it’s been a wild ride for CHRISTEENE and Rebecca and Myself. We got our video for ‘FIX MY DICK’ into the Midnight Shorts at the Film Fest and had amazing reviews. The Hollywood Reporter said it was the one short you desperately wish you could unsee!

Anyhoo, there is a gay podcast called ‘Feast of Fun’ that is one of the biggest in the country, and they sat me down to talk about my ladies and my life in Louisiana. Thought the buzzards might enjoy it.

Can’t wait to get my azzz to New Orleans for some good time wit my baybeez, and Dave…looks like I might be hittin Atlanta with CHRISTEENE in May…possibly.

Also have an EP ready to roll now. If ya’ll could email me your addresses to, I can get a disc to you! And check out for all the nasty good times. (except you Marnie..keep your life clean)

Here’s the link.

Love ya’ll

Hey there Buzzards…the cat is out the bag for the Soileau family!

Austin has finally recognized my complete and utter insanity ya’ll. It took the Saints going to the Superbowl to finally wake the world up to it’s many wonders, I guess. Check this out! And Marnie….it’s a little graphic, but it’s the Austin Chronicle! Can’t wait for my cousin Lisa to read this and pass it onto the family in Oakdale.. HELP! Missing my buzzards, missing them very much. XOXO

Things cookin up a stink in Austin!

Hello Buzzards! Austin is poopin..I mean poppin! Amber and Mark are living in a home with a yard, a dog, and all of Amber’s grandma’s furniture that they stole…Brent Joseph’s Benjamin Buttons extravaganza has proven Oscar worthy to the nines….Chloe and Craig’s little Daniel is walking…and Me…I’m making a name for myself through wigs and filth!

Wanted ya’ll to check out this article The Onion did on ol’ Rebecca/Paul/Christeene. Also a chance to see the video of my new rap song WARNING: MARNIE AND ALL CHILDREN AND RELIGIOUSLY SANE INDIVIDUALS…THIS VIDEO IS DIRTY AND NASTY AND X RATED!!!…please watch it!

Can’t wait to be in Atlanta next week. Booya! Miss all my buzzards, and god bless america.,22820/

Rebecca Havemeyer tries to be’s smart!

Oh it’s a rough road these days! So much so that ya’ ol pal Rebecca is tacklin’ the cheap and entertaining world of Trivia for the chunk’n’dunk town of Austin, Texas! Booya! An evening filled with vaudevillian vacuums of entertainment, live bands, live artists on display, and live living throughout. It’s the first time for a 4 week run of a Rebecca show, and it’s packed with enough stanky hullabalooo to leave a mark on all who attend. Wish my Buzzards were here…. Missin my buzzards, so dear.

Chloe is Pregger and she’s Marrying Cowboy this Saturday!

Yeeee-Haaaaw and a happy Texas celebration going on here this weekend! Chloe Bragg and Craig ‘Cowboy’ Brevelle are finally putting on the rings this weekend after many years of lovin’ and ranch livin’.  It’s low key, it’s country, and it’s taking place at Chloe’s parents house in Bastrop.  And yes my dear Buzzards, Chloe is riding on Three Months Pregnant! She is doing fine and has a beautiful, crazy mother earth glow about her that should be bottled and sold.  All are ecstatic and anxiously anticipating the merging of Chloe’s Family with The Soileau/Brevelle family…expect nuclear tremors in the force my friends!  If any of you would like to send a card/gift to the happy couple, their address is

P.O. Box 174

Paige, Tx  78659

There will be a big ass party at the ranch sometime in the next two weeks following the wedding, in case anyone wants to make an Austin trip and surprise the lucky lady. My home is open to all wayfarers. I’ll give out more info as I get it.  Kisses to all.

Rebecca’s doing the AIDS walk in Austin…

…and she needs your dough. I’m trying to raise $1000 by Sunday for the Austin AIDS walk, and I could use your help buzzards. Amber has made a generous donation already, and if any of you can spare anything, I would much appreciate it. We’re already at $850! The walk is this Sunday, and I’m leading the stretches and marching with Team Rebecca. If you can spare, please do…it’s to keep AIDS Services of Austin fully operational to those afflicted with this crummy disease. Go Buzzards!

Here’s the link:
Rebecca Havemeyer AIDS Walk

Havemeyer Hogs Stage!

Yes my wonderful lil’ Buzzards…it was a wild and wompin’ kinda night. The show…sold out, the temperature…a boiling 100 degrees in Austin’s outdoor stage at Stubb’s (just about), the gown…absolutely stunnin’!!! The show was a success, and Mr. Wainwright was very nice to Rebecca…if not a bit cut and dry. There was no backstage mayhem, no love ‘between the legs’, oh no. Rebecca simply got up on the stage, was introduced by Mr. Wainwright, double cheek kisses, and then…BLAMO!…a disgraceful yet elegant and exuberant display of 120% Rebecca in all her shining glory. The crowd went hog wild, and I had the time of my life. It was wonderful, handed out about 100 business cards, made lots of new friends. Brent filmed it , kinda, and it will be on youtube hopefully tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you Oprah angels!….oh thank you so!