My New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Kent’s new year resolution is to stop swearing. I counter that it’s all I have left. I quit everything that’s fun and I have no vices anymore. I’m keeping the fucking swearing until I have kids and even then I’ll just take it down a freaking notch.
2. Investigate how to incorporate sarcasm into writing so that the sarcasm is evident.
3. Play with Lucy.
4. Learn French cooking.
5. Find Roosevelt a friend. We adopted Rose to be a friend for Potato but she’s indifferent to pretty much everything on earth except for Beth’s room, drinking out of the faucet, and me (see photo below). Kent wants a tiny dog.
6. To find time to knit a lot more.
7. Master fresh pasta making.
8. Go to the beach.


Fond Memories, or, Your childhood neighborhood on COPS

When we flip through the tv schedule we always stop on the stations that mention Philadelphia or New Orleans. Mostly we see New Orleans, especially on the Food Network and the Travel Channel. Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations did an excellent episode there.

In the last few months I have been lucky enough to catch my hometown on various episodes of beloved television shows, such as: Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, and COPS! The Dining Car, a Philadelphia diner institution, and my grandparents’ favorite after church breakfast place, was featured one evening – we were all very excited to see Northeast Philadelphia on the small screen.

But that was nothing compared to the other night when Oxford Circle, the neighborhood where Beth and I grew up, was on COPS! Woo-hoo! Two guys with mullets and tie-dye tank tops held up a pizza shop (Chevy’s Pizza – incredibly delicious Sicilian pie) and were going to hold up another pizza shop down the street. But this fabulous Northeast Philly girl called the cops and they were caught at the Sunoco station on the Boulevard next door to our old church where we went to CCD on Tuesday nights. I laughed till I cried and then called my Mom who laughed even harder. I love Philadelphia.

Trying to sound professional but failing and sounding like an ass

In my job I leave a lot of messages for real estate agents and it is more and more common for me to hear this greeting:

“Hello, this is Agent-I-suck-at-my-job, I am unable to answer the phone at this time, please leave a message and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.”

Your earliest convenience? Seriously? Do you realize what that means exactly? It means that your clients and peers hear that you’ll deal with their issue when you feel like getting around to it, not ASAP as you think it sounds.

I’m putting this post under ‘Overrated’ because so many people thinks this phrase sounds slick, but really they sound like idiots.


Is it unreasonable to ask your husband not to drink out of your water glass when he’s sick and you’re not?

Last night he was drinking out of my glass at the bathroom sink and was very offended that I asked him not to, especially when he’s sick. He countered that he has a sinus infection which is not contagious and besides he’s been drinking out my glass ever since he got sick and since I haven’t gotten sick, it obviously doesn’t matter.

His also said his other reason for using it is because he’s too lazy to get another from of the kitchen which is 3 feet away.

So I ask you, is it unreasonable to request he not use my glass?

The Great Bi-Annual Atlanta Tubing Party

The date has been finalized – August 18, 2007 – One day there will be a Big Party and the other day we will Tube. We’re thinking it would be better to Tube first and then Party, but we’ll see.

Ile, John, Kent and I started the summer off by going tubing on Sunday. It was Epic.

1. We have a new cooler that’s square, instead of rectangular, and it fits perfectly inside a tube.
2. Ile’s tube sprang a leak and she was sinking for quite a while. John, being a hero, rode on top of the cooler and gave Ile his.
3. They released the dam at the top of the river. River rose 3 feet and the current was ridiculous.