The Lovely Bones

My apologies for not updating this in awhile.  In order to try and make myself update more regularly, I’m going to try to put reviews of movies/music that I have recently seen up here.  Since I usually see movies about a year after they come out, I will not feel bad about posting spoilers.

The Lovely Bones.

I never read the book, but I’ve heard many people have.  It seemed like there was a lot in this movie that would be better with a deeper exploration, the kind you can do with a book that is harder to do with a movie.  I don’t feel I am the kind of person who needs a happy/satisfying ending every time, but it really seemed to me that the ending of the film said that it didn’t really matter that these children had died in terror at the hands of a brutal killer, so long as they had each other in heaven.  It was pretty unsatisfying.  Because I wanted a little justice in my ending, it made me feel like a movie watcher with totally unrefined and pedestrian tastes.

2 thoughts on “The Lovely Bones”

  1. I wonder if the book ended the same way, or if this ending was written by the screenwriters. I agree with you – it was more important that she got her first and only earthly kiss than to free her family from the horror of knowing the murderer is still walking around – and had actually chased their other daughter, and not only that, but had designs of murder on the other daughter? The more I think about it them more I disagree with the ending.

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