CHRISTEENE finds a home?..kinda

Hey all you stanky pankys. South By Southwest is happening here in Austin, and it’s been a wild ride for CHRISTEENE and Rebecca and Myself. We got our video for ‘FIX MY DICK’ into the Midnight Shorts at the Film Fest and had amazing reviews. The Hollywood Reporter said it was the one short you desperately wish you could unsee!

Anyhoo, there is a gay podcast called ‘Feast of Fun’ that is one of the biggest in the country, and they sat me down to talk about my ladies and my life in Louisiana. Thought the buzzards might enjoy it.

Can’t wait to get my azzz to New Orleans for some good time wit my baybeez, and Dave…looks like I might be hittin Atlanta with CHRISTEENE in May…possibly.

Also have an EP ready to roll now. If ya’ll could email me your addresses to, I can get a disc to you! And check out for all the nasty good times. (except you Marnie..keep your life clean)

Here’s the link.

Love ya’ll

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