Mar 242009

I’m looking for love songs that don’t have a hint of despair in them. No girlfriend in a coma, no one for my baby and one for the road. Just happy love songs.

I will start you off with:
1. Jersey Girl by Tom Waits (not Bruce Springsteen’s version)

Difficulty: no google searches on ‘happy love songs’ or the like.

  6 Responses to “Love Songs and Despair”

  1. Dean Martin – Ain’t That A Kick In The Head?

  2. I’m Glad I Hithced My Apple Wagon To your Cart – The Boy Least Likely To

  3. Johnsburg, Illinois – Tom Waits
    Picture in a Frame – Tom Waits
    God Only Knows – The Beach Boys
    I Was Made To Love Her – The beach Boys/Stevie Wonder
    I’m The Man Who Loves You – Wilco
    (They Long To Be) Close To You – The Carpenters
    Lay Lady Lay – Bob Dylan
    Shelter From The Storm – Bob Dylan
    Tennessee – Silver Jews

  4. Dorothy Please Trim Your Hinge (misprint) – Ivor Biggun

  5. TOOL, ├ćnima – track 11 – “Push It”

  6. I Can Hear Music – The Beach Boys