It’s my last day at work!

Well, last day here at Georgia Tech. I start at the Collection on Feb 16th.

It’s a good feeling, but I am also sad to say goodbye to my friends here.

That’s not going to stop me from going around to everyone today and saying “So long, suckers!”

7 thoughts on “It’s my last day at work!”

  1. We’re delighted to welcome y’all back to NOLA. And just in time for Mardi Gras.

  2. Remember what you mother has taught you about being gracious…………can’t wait to see and Leslie!!!!! The reality of it all has just not hit me yet. I cannot wait to have you both here. All we need is to get Beth and Phil to move here too!!!!!

  3. Congrats you big fart. You’ll be getting there just in time for Mardi Gras! Show your boobies for me. We can’t make it this year and so sad. Did you find a place to live yet? What does Leslie think about all this?!

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