Photo Sale at Morgan & Owens

Jessie and James, photographers extraordinaire, are selling off some of their prints on their website:

Jessie writes:

As of this morning, our print sale “storefront” is open at our website.
Click on the tab “Print Sales” on the far right. We are offering 47 existing 11×14 prints for $40 each, including shipping. A holiday gift to our fans, while supplies last! Custom print options in several sizes are also available. We’ve put three pages of images up, so tool around and see if you see something you’d like, and we’ll ship it out to you. I look forward to sending these pictures to their new homes.

They do really nice work.  There are worse Xmas gifts than a nice photograph of some exotic faraway place.

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  1. I was checking in to congratulate you on your upcoming triumphant return home to NOLA, and there we are! Thanks for the post. You’re the coolest.

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