Here’s the latest x-ray from my doctor’s appointment this morning, where you can see the pins and buttons and such:

I was concerned by the fact that the fibula still has a giant gap in it, but the doctor wasn’t concerned.  I don’t think the fibula matters to doctors.  It matters to me, though.  I hate the way it doesn’t line up there in the right-hand image.  Gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I’m on crutches two more weeks, then I can start walking on it in the boot.

3 thoughts on “Hardware”

  1. it seems like doctors would have come up with something better than a screw for this issue by now. It looks just like two screws. Not even two space age screws. Just two screws.

  2. Well, the button-looking things are apparently a new technology. You can barely see it, but there is a wire that runs between them that binds the two leg bones together. I guess it runs along the outside of the bones? I’m not sure.

    I just like the fact that there are a pair of shirt buttons inside my leg.

  3. Iiiiiiick. You poor old sod. I’d be freaked by the break on the xray too. You’ve just(!) got 2 pins and the wire contraption in there?

    Don’t overdo it when you get the boot on.

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