How To Live (Cont.)

Lesson 2: Get a Dry Erase Board

Dry erase boards are the greatest. They are very good for making to-do lists, remembering dates, playing hangman, and counting down. They are also good for brain storming sessions, and last minute reminders. I have two and I use them all the time.

I would reccommend staying away from the Foray brand however. Bad news. Lousy Markers.

Here is a quick list of DEB list uses:

1) Groceries
2) Concert Dates
3) Packing Lists
4) Threats
5) Bills
6) Sex
7) Birthday Gifts
8) Cd’s you want
9) People you hate
10) Things your cat will eat

One thought on “How To Live (Cont.)”

  1. I think you have a little to much time on your hands. Dry Erase board I can understand.

    But the water thing is a little freaky. I support Iwillbeatyourass on that one.

    Maybe that is the cause for your extra pounds: Too much water. Plump is not bad.

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