Congrats to Catherine and Marc

Regular elbuzzard reader Catherine got married over the weekend to a real nice guy named Marc (yes, with a C).

The reception was a blast.  The ham was delicious, and Leslie was thrilled that there was antipasto with olives and such, claiming that “Catherine knows what you need to throw a wedding.”

We forgot to ask if they were going on a homeymoon.

I hope you two are very happy for the rest of your lives.

3 thoughts on “Congrats to Catherine and Marc”

  1. Congratulations and much love to both of you. Remember you can always honeymoon in New Orleans.

  2. Thank you! Our homeymoon was on Captiva Island, Florida and we reluctantly returned yesterday. It was great having the Buzzards at the wedding considering all the hospitality they’ve shown me over the years; they both looked great and I love Leslie’s hair! I must hear the broken leg story – how do you manage it, Friend?! Marnie – don’t forget, I turn 40 on Lundi Gras in three years and I’m hoping we’ll be coming down babies and all!

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