Joey’s Back on the Market!

Joey The Falcons released’s favorite quarterback on Wednesday.

For an entire year, I hoped that I would get the chance to see Joey out and about in Atlanta, but no luck. i was going to tell him to keep his chin up. Now that chance is gone…

I know a team who’s in the market for a backup QB. The Saints were looking at almost dead Trent Green. Stay away from Green and give Joey a spot on the bench!

6 thoughts on “Joey’s Back on the Market!”

  1. This leaves the Falcons with two quarterbacks, Chris Redman and DJ Shockley.

    Like I’ve often said, couldn’t happen to a finer team. Except maybe the Rams.

  2. Someone needs to sit Trent Green down and let him know another season as probably a backup isn’t worth the risk of living as a vegetable the rest of his life 🙁

    The only time I liked the Falcons was when Jerry Glanville was in charge.

  3. That was a fine time for the Falcons. They had that quarterback who would get like 2 concussions a year. What was his name?

  4. Joey plays with the passion and excitement for the game that Brett Farve used to. I think the torch has been passed.

    Here’s hoping that joey ends up in new england or buffalo.

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