6 thoughts on “Al Copeland died?”

  1. Holy crap! He’s really dead. Wow .. .what happened?

    I heard stories about him doing drugs in clubs with Mayor Moreal …

  2. I have no idea who he is, but I read the obit in the link..seems like an interesting fellow.

    Cancer of the salivary glands. That’s almost Alanis given how he made his fortune.

  3. I understand Bobby Guidry was on the news saying that he and Al could have been friends, but they were too much alike. He should be in jail with Edwin Edwards. Poor Al Copeland leaves 4 ex wives and 9 children!!!

  4. Great article today about Al Copeland from Chris Rose. The King of Chicken was truly one of a kind and lived life over the top. He will be missed!

  5. There are a lot of things that you believe blindly but are simply untrue. You’re like one of those pagens that believe the sun is carted around in the back of a chariot in the sky.
    I hope someone pops all your bubbles. … you used to blow bubbles when you were a kid, right?

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