Aug 132007

Yes my wonderful lil’ Buzzards…it was a wild and wompin’ kinda night. The show…sold out, the temperature…a boiling 100 degrees in Austin’s outdoor stage at Stubb’s (just about), the gown…absolutely stunnin’!!! The show was a success, and Mr. Wainwright was very nice to Rebecca…if not a bit cut and dry. There was no backstage mayhem, no love ‘between the legs’, oh no. Rebecca simply got up on the stage, was introduced by Mr. Wainwright, double cheek kisses, and then…BLAMO!…a disgraceful yet elegant and exuberant display of 120% Rebecca in all her shining glory. The crowd went hog wild, and I had the time of my life. It was wonderful, handed out about 100 business cards, made lots of new friends. Brent filmed it , kinda, and it will be on youtube hopefully tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you Oprah angels!….oh thank you so!


  11 Responses to “Havemeyer Hogs Stage!”

  1. I think I found your other love child.

    We want the video.

  2. oh, the places you’ll go

  3. Did he remember you?

  4. Sadly, Mr. Wainwright didn’t have time to remember me. We didn’t have any drawn out backstage time…and I was all dolled up, and his boyfriend had just flown into town and he was a bit occupied with all that kinda love stuff. My greatest love of the evening was the audience. They rocked. Rufus…seen that, done that…but it would have been nice to lounge a bit with him as Rebecca and chew the fat.

  5. Oh my ga I found the motherload. If you ever want to torture yourself please tune into:

    Rebecca is so over Rufus and his baby talk. Where’s the video, yo?

  6. Video is now up on youtube. keyword rebecca havemeyer rufus austin tx live…blah blah. Enjoy and all my luv luvs.

  7. and another view from another audience member:

  8. You stole the show. In your face Rufus.

  9. He was wearing an awful rodeo clown suit that he must have picked up from Angola. He also started the show off with a cowboy hat on that he borrowed from someone in the crowd…but of course he can get away with all of this because he’s gay, and our fashion sense is unquestionable.
    Saw the other video and it was good….I forgot he yelled something at me…also forgot that I danced like a hooker from ‘Best little Whorehouse in Texas”…woof.

  10. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. You go, girl!