Havemeyer Hits Big Time!

Rebecca HavemeyerHello Buzzards! Just found out that tomorrow night, here in Austin, your ol’ Rebecca Havemeyer is gonna appear onstage with the one and only Rufus Wainwright! Yeee-Haaaw! Rebecca entered a contest in which Mr. Wainwright chooses one person from each city of his tour to get up on stage and perform a spoken word section of his song ‘Between My Legs’ (how fitting). Rebecca submitted her video on Youtube’s audition page (keyword ‘Rebecca Loves Bologna‘ to see it), and holy christ on a cross, Rufus chose the old ho! Niko Case is opening the show, and it’s at Stubb’s BBQ outdoor stage. See Buzzards…dreams do come true if you pimp your hoochy butt out enough. La!

5 thoughts on “Havemeyer Hits Big Time!”

  1. Didn’t you sleep w/ Mr. Rufus? I bet that would disqualify you from the contest. I’ll alert the media.

  2. That’s incredibly awesome. Are you going to make out with him between his legs again?

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