Feb 082007

new flyer for the valentine’s show is done. Wish you guys were in Austin.

Rebecca Havemeyer large

  18 Responses to “Rebecca Havemeyer Valentine’s Day”

  1. Welcome aboard Mitch. That is hideously beautiful. Rebecca has Reche Caldwell eyes.

  2. Oh and she really needs to do something about her hands.

  3. Work on those cuticles, Girlfriend!!!! Love the picture

  4. I agree, the hands are repulsive … look like a large person’s hands …

  5. I even photoshopped those hands. I spent an hour trying to fix those fingernails. You should see the before shot. Looked like a rat had been chewing on his fingers or something

  6. Poor Apollo–subjected to this–did he sign a waiver before he agreed to be in this?

  7. Ever see Sarah Jessica Parker’s hands? Her face has been reconstructed to the point she can’t show emotion, but her hands look 90 years old.

  8. Has Paul put on a bunch of weight? I liked to see Fat Paul … don’t ever remember him being pudgy, but with those hands …

  9. Where the hell are your eyebrows?

  10. Anyway we can photoshop the picture right off this site? It’s truly disturbing.

  11. Goal achieved

  12. No one’s even MENTIONED how pretty my hair is!

  13. I like the lips myself.

  14. I’m still not mentioning how pretty your hair is. In fact, I have better hair.

  15. Divine Rebecca, They’re all jealous, wishing they could be you.

  16. Thanks for checking on me yesterday. I left you a message on your cell. We are all fine in Terrrytown, but Westwego is a mess. I understand Brent had a lot of damage to his house and truck. Thank God he was not hurt.