Dec 212006

Here you go Brenty.

#8 Cold War Kids- Robbers and Cowards. I don’t care if they are Christian. I love Jesus.

#7 Tapes N Tapes- The Loon. Of course my favorite song is Omaha, but I think I would love it even if I lived elsewhere.

#6 Christina Aquilera-Back to Basics. I will admit that I have been a fan for a while now. I am seeing her in concert in February and I can’t wait.

#5 Beyonce-B’Day, I really only like Irreplaceable and Ring the Alarm

#4 El Perro Del Mar, I like this entire album

#3 Yeah Yeah Yeah’s -Show your bones. Song I like to run to: Phenomena

#2 The Rapture- Pieces of the People we Love. Song of the album goes to “First Gear”

#1 Sing Sing-Aerial The best song on this album is Mr. Kadali. This is a great album. I think you are all missing out if you don’t go out and buy this right away.

  8 Responses to “Chelsey’s Top 8 Albums/Songs”

  1. I admit I like the Justin Timberlake album, if that makes you feel better about Christina Aguilera…

    Tell Brent to get me a copy of Sing Sing, I’ve never heard of them.

  2. And by the way, everyone welcome our newest author!

  3. I have to agree with Chelsey about the Mr. Kadeli song. For anyone that can appreciate “Anna Lee, The Healer” by The Beach Boys, you have now found your bookend.

  4. who’s the new author? i think i missed something.

  5. me. Chelsey Kosterpelding

  6. I guess I was wondering who chris was who posted earlier.

  7. Chris was apparently just a passing visitor, brought here by the winds of who knows where…

  8. Ah. Mysterious Chris.

    And kudos to Chelsea who pulled out the Beyonce and Christine Aquliera – she’s breaking out of the indie rock hole Kent has sucked me into.

    I think my top 10 post will be the 10 albums/songs I missed in 2005 and have a better appreciation for in 2006.