Top 10 Alcoholic Beverages

10. Bailey’s ‘N Coffee
9. Strawberry Colada Daquiri
8. An ice-cold bud
7. Hurricane
6. Irish whiskey
5. Crown and coke
4. Tecate with salt and lime
3. Tequila, no salt, no lime
2. Stoli rocks, two olives
1. Tecate, salt, lime, tequila back

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Alcoholic Beverages”

  1. Good one, Jack. White Russians are for wussies anyway.
    I hope its butt cold for Mardi Gras so I can learn to appreciate brandy more. She screwed me over last time.

  2. 10. Coors
    9. Michelob
    8. The weird looking local beer I had in Nuremburg, Germany years ago, which was some kind of “Dunkel” beer.
    7. Worthington Dark (alas, I’ve not seen it in pubs for years)
    6. Murpheys
    5. Vodka. Any kind except Tesco’s own, which smells like paintstripper.
    4. Badger Best
    3. Strongbow
    2. Ouzo
    1. Tanglefoot

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