1. City of New Orleans: Resilient energy was evident from the Quarter to Cooter Brown’s, and brought tears to my eyes on several occasions. Thank you, New Orleans. I love and miss you.

2. Matt: An unknown contender last year, this cracked-out journalist came into his own in 2006. On Saturday night, after scoring a game-tying touchdown in the annual Mardi Gras Bowl, Matt kicked it by his lonesome on Bourbon Street until the wee hours of the morning. He returned Uptown around 4:30 a.m., taunted those who were sleeping, then headed back to Bourbon Street – a feat never thought to have been accomplished.

3. Kevin: After several disappointing performances in years past, lawyer made a late push up the rankings by sleeping with three girls in four nights.

4. Marnie and Jack: Continually provided starving drunkards with nourishment and furniture. Couldn’t have made it without them.

5. Karen: Strong throughout; peaked by throwing up twice on the way to the airport. Needs more practice.

6. Kent: He drank a lot.

7. David: He drank almost as much, and ended a two-year sexless drought.

8. Ally: Beautiful little girl dominated at Sunday night parades. Her haul included a 4-foot stuffed rabbit.

9. Susan: Bubbling over with obnoxious enthusiasm; lost points for drinking too many Mike’s Hard Lemonades before noon.

10. Beth: MG rookie got off to a slow start but went out with a bang.

Biggest Disappointments
Colleen: Who drinks red wine on Mardi Gras?
Yancy: Looked good on opening night. Didn’t get out of bed the next day.
Amber, BJ, Mark, Mitch: I couldn’t tell you if they were there or not.
Jason-Lisa: Need to drink more and stay longer.
Leslie: Not as surly as usual.

8 thoughts on “DP TOP 10 MG PERFORMERS”

  1. In defense of myself – I was the only one who did not sit at all at the Howling Wolf during the first mediocre band and the fabulous Rebirth Brass Band. I even did the ‘little bit softer now” bopping to the ground at the end of the show… 3 times. My knees, my knees.

    Up at 5:30AM to drive Karen and her pukey-self to the airport… on Mardi Gras morning.

    Caught the shot-glass beads after helping Kelsey get her stuffed animal.

    I did not puke.

    Also, kudos to Beth for sleeping on the air mattress that sank to the floor every night and not complaining about it.

    Kudos to Karen for lowering her voice when timing the drug deal that was going on across the street at 2AM and not getting us killed; AND staying up to wait for Dave and Matt.

    No one shrieked too badly about the roaches.

    I threw beads at Steven Segal.

  2. I think you were fabulous, keeping it all together, and in your quiet way, managing to herd all the cats without them being aware of it. Me especially. Thanks.

  3. This was one of the best Mardi Gras!!! It was wonderful having everyone together.

    Thank you Kent and Leslie for being so sweet to Kelsey and Shane and helping them catch beads and trinkets.

    I know Susan can be obnoxious, but then that is what I love about her.

    Beth, please come back soon.

    Dave, what can I say…got to love those pants….congrats on the end of your drought…I think.

    I love you all very much!

  4. Dave:

    So sorry I came over as obnoxious, Maybe next year I work on not losing points, I didn’t know you had a point rating scale on mardi gras. I must do better than #9.

    Kent and Leslie, thank you so much for taking time with my children. We all had a great time. Leslie, congrats on holding in your alcohol without puking.

    Dave, I don’t know what to say about the pants. The pictures tell all………

    Take care all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. On the phone with Karen tonight:

    Me – Remind me to never let you drink another Hurricane.
    Karen – It wasn’t the hurricane, it was the Hand Grenade.

  6. I’ve been checking the site and waiting to hear the stories!

    Where is the dirt on Mr. Buzzard? There must be some. No potato guns-level escapades and jolly japes?

  7. besides being intoxicated most of the time, i behaved myself quite reasonably. i did a lot of encouraging of others to misbehave.

  8. Just wanted to put my two cents in:

    Thanks to all for showing the MG novice a good time!

    Kent – only the love in my heart can thank you on behalf of my eyeball.
    Susan – it was great to meet you and don’t listen to the man with the high running pants, you were the life of the party between the hours of 730am – 1200pm.
    Marnie and Jack – Thanks for the warm welcome! I will be back soon!

    Love to all,


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