In defense of Bob Stoops

Bob Stoops immediately transformed an Oklahoma program coming off an 3-win season to a national power. The Sooners have been to four BCS bowls in five years, including a national title and three appearances in the national championship game.
Currently, he is leading a team to a bowl game that has played more freshmen than any other team in the nation. The Sooners’ three losses have come against TCU, UCLA and Texas. Those teams have lost two games combined.
Not only is Stoops a top-10 coach, he’s probably in the top five.

2 thoughts on “In defense of Bob Stoops”

  1. What is your point? Is anyone saying this dude is not one of the best coaches in college football? Everyone knws his team is young this year, and on one is taking him to task for rebuilding.

    You know what needs defending is OU fans’ “Us Against the World” delusion that no one respects them. Christ, you played in the last two championship games, despite getting blown out in the week previous in 2004, and despite there being a prefectly good team from a better conference that could have gone in 2005. Note to Sooner fans: That means people think you and your coach are good. Leave it alone. Had your team shown up for either of your last two BCS Bowl games, you wouldn’t have these problems. Losers.

  2. Wow. Dave just got owned.

    Brent, for that, you just earned the ability to post new entries on the blog. Go to it.

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