Empire releases its top 50 Indie Films

Empire released its top 50 Indie Films recently, and even had the guts to rank them. Here’s my thoughts on what they chose. The ones I’ve seen are bolded.

  1. Reservoir DogsThe only good Tarantino movie ever made.
  2. Donnie DarkoCreepy awesome good. Patrick Swayze rules.
  3. The Terminator#3? Seriously?
  4. Clerks
  5. Monty Python’s Life of BrianThank goodness it was this Monty Python film that made it, and not The Holy Grail.
  6. Night of the Living Dead
  7. Sex, Lies, and Videotape
  8. The Usual Suspects
  9. Sideways – Somehow I think this one creeps up the list because its recent. But then again, I’ve never seen it.
  10. Mean Streets
  11. Bad Taste
  12. Eraserhead
  13. Memento
  14. Strange Than ParadiseDown By Law, Night on Earth, and Mystery Train are all better than Stranger Than Paradise.
  15. Blood SimpleI love the Cohen Brothers, but Blood Simple? What about the Hudsucker Proxy?
  16. She’s Gotta Have ItDo the Right Thing. End of story
  17. City of God
  18. Withnail and IUncomprehensible British crap.
  19. Lone Star
  20. SlackerI know that there is the school of thought that sometimes it’s what the movie does (and this one blew the doors wide open for cheap indie films), not what the film is. I don’t subscribe to that school of thought. This movie was terrible. I don’t care how influential it was. It was poorly written, poorly acted, and poorly filmed. Put Dazed and Confused on the list, if you have to have a Richard Linkletter film on here.
  21. Roger and Me
  22. NosferatuThey mean the original, not any remakes (although the Klaus Kinski one is great)
  23. The Evil Dead
  24. HappinessBad people doing bad things to each other. I didn’t like this one at first, but it grew on me.
  25. Drugstore Cowboy
  26. Lost in Translation – Can you believe I’ve never seen this movie?
  27. Dark Star
  28. In the Company of Men
  29. Bad LieutenantIf you haven’t seen this movie, and don’t mind obscenity and violence, see it now. Make sure you get the version with the gansta rap version of a Led Zeppelin song. Seeing this film with Brent Joseph is one of my most favorite memories. On a side note, the Blockbuster-edited version of Bad Lt. is the reason I refuse to give them my business to this day.
  30. Sweet Sweetback Baadassss’ Song
  31. Pink Flamingos
  32. Two Lane Blacktop
  33. Shallow GraveChristopher Eccelston is amazing in this movie.
  34. The Blair Witch Project
  35. THX-1138
  36. Buffalo ’66Welcome to Dullsville.
  37. Being John Malkovich – Never seen this one either, believe it or not.
  38. Grosse Point Blank
  39. The Passion of the ChristChickenshit Academy nominated this film for three Oscars: Cinematography, Music, and Makeup and it didn’t win any of them. I loved this movie. It deserved so much more.
  40. The Descent
  41. Dead Man’s Shoes
  42. Swingers
  43. Shadows
  44. Amores PerrosOne of the most difficult to watch films I’ve ever seen, especially if you have any love for dogs.
  45. Mad Max
  46. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  47. Blood Feast
  48. Cube
  49. Run Lola Run
  50. El MariachiMy peeve with this movie is that everyone talks about how little money it took to make it. I wonder how much money Quentin Tarantino spent on post-production after it had already been released when he discovered it?

6 thoughts on “Empire releases its top 50 Indie Films”

  1. I’ve only seen a few movies from that list (ranked in my fav order)

    #1 Mad Max
    #2 The Terminator
    #3 Reservoir Dogs
    #4 Life of Brian
    #5 Night of the Living Dead
    #6 Evil Dead

    Why isn’t Killer Klowns From Outer Space on there? It not an Indie film?

    Oh, and Crimewave is the best indie film ever, no question

  2. I never saw it, but Chelsey said it was the pits. I will side with Chelsey. Also how are some of these movies “indie” movies? Was there some sort of “Movies made for less than” distinction?

  3. This is what Empire’s site says:

    Big budgets, big names and a wide release are but three of the advantages enjoyed by studio films. An overriding concern to make money, interfering executives and lack of creative control are three more, rather less enjoyable, attributes. Because of this it’s more often independent cinema you must turn to for examples of truly brave and innovative filmmaking and, assembled herein, you will find Empire’s choice of the 50 greatest independent films: some of the boldest and most creative movies ever undertaken. Bearing in mind that to encompass all those that are independently financed would mean The Phantom Menace is an independent film, we’ve qualified all entries by ensuring they were made with what we consider to be an independent spirit. The final order then takes into account the quality of the film, the circumstances behind its production, the achievement of the filmmakers despite monetary and logistical constraints and its influence on subsequent projects.

    You should see The Passion of the Christ. Its a great movie. A lot of people had trouble getting past the whole religion thing, though.

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