About El Buzzard

El Buzzard Enterprises remains dedicated to providing quality products and outstanding services.

We have grown in leaps and bounds from our humble beginnings in the toothpick importing business based out the the fair city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and have expanded across several states. Our current headquarters is located in the engine that drives the South: Atlanta, Georgia.

We have regional offices serving New England, New York, Washington DC, New Orleans, Omaha, and Atlanta. We have recently opened our first international office in Dorset, England.

El Buzzard Enterprises no longer directly conducts business in the city of Philadelphia. All interested parties in that city should contact our subsidiary, No Joke Industries.

Products & Services

  • The Taxidermy Library – An old library school project. Slightly on the morbid side. It made me very popular at school.
  • The Free Madison Society – You’re not a member.
  • The Murder Mystery Game – An online roleplaying/detective/whodunnit game. Moderated and run by Joan. There is no set schedule, but games usually last a month, and occur every three months or so. Now defunct.

And, brought to you by the President of No Joke Industries:

  • Peanus – A comic, a social satire, a commentary on the art of cartooning. Be warned, the subject matter of this comic is not for the easily offended. El Buzzard Enterprises takes no responsibility for the content presented here.

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